Story time, Something to learn about!

As an artists that we all  have inside, we tend to get pleasure from learning and exploring with only one purpose:  boost our imagination.

Sometimes we feel frustrated when we try to do some craft and our imagination doesn’t come out. For me, making jewelry for another person is almost impossible  because I found that I am my own inspiration for my  fashion creation.

I love to collect things, specialist buttons, medals or just a piece of lace, and I don’t now how it happens, but I can tell that my most precious jewelry came from the most insignificant thing that I keep. When I was a littler girl I used to see my mom as the most fashion women, a special thing that I remember about her is that she used to love being simple but elegant  or sometimes extravagant, and that made a  big mark in my because I always wanted to be as my mom.

I grew up in a very humble house with my mom and my sister, my mom as a single mom without too much to offer us. Most of those times we didn’t have money for anything fancy and my mom used to sew our clothes, that situation made my creations a “Crafty Personality”, Because fancy thing like jewelry and clothes were out of my reach and I remember I just only had eleven years old when I grabbed my Mom sew machine and I made my first tiny dress for my mom’s coffee maker.

My Mom got crazy at the first time but she understood that she had a little artist as a daughter. Since that time I knew That “Sometimes We don’t know our potential and God makes us go through the situation for taking out the best of us”.

Growing up was completely easy till I became a teenager, before that I never had to worry about my look. Then was a terrible part :”Mom I have nothing to wear” , and my Mom always answered: how can you say that? look out your closet, is full of clothes!!!! . That day with big scissors in my right hand, I sewed all day and I decided that nobody was going to be fancier than me, especially if I personalize my own style.

Since that day, I make my own jewelry and I always personalize my clothes. As a Doctor, I have to be always dressed up and ready for any occasion.

It was so fun to me learning from my own childhood situation that you could be fancy without spending a lot of money (On a Budget) and all what matters is how you feel in everything you try on . Everybody has potential, maybe in different areas, but we all have something. The big picture here is that you can learn something from every single occasion you’re part of.


Here’re some ideas  from my own invention: (Earings/ Necklaces)

1382081_612634632116258_995023929_n (1)







Wedding Decorations Ideas on a Budget

Finding wedding decorations on a budget will be a challenge. you may have to be compelled to be inventive and capable, however it will be done. Decorating the church and also the reception location will be most fun for everybody concerned. it is a time to share and a time to laugh, a time to be inventive, and a time to indicate you care.

When you set up a marriage, possibly you’re operating with a strict and tight budget, therefore arising with wedding decorations on a budget might need that you just go searching to search out the simplest deals for what your decorating wants.

Providing stunning wedding decorations on a budget will be easier than you think what to buy. There are many various places you’ll be able to attend look and other ways of doing things to induce the simplest result. this text can provide you with tips which will show you the way to buy wedding decorations on a budget and the way to embellish with those cheap materials.


When you select your theme, each thing ought to match and be coordinated in every method, from the decorations to the centerpieces and everything in between. make certain to think about your budget once you ar staring at completely different themes. If your budget is tiny, then you do not go too extravagant. At the identical time, if your budget may be a very little larger, you mustn’t go overboard either.




Your colors at the marriage ought to match the reception, therefore, make certain to decide on your wedding colors fastidiously. If you decide on Associate in Nursing outrageous color, you will have a tough time selecting out flowers, balloons, and streamers to match. These ar all necessary things in reality in mind if you’re getting wedding decorations on a budget.


Purchasing decorations

You have many choices for getting wedding decorations on a budget. you’ll be able to look on-line or in an exceedingly native store. you would possibly check costs online initial therefore you recognize what you’ll be able to realize the costs. Maybe buy online could be better than an actual store, however, you will not have the time for shipping. designing ahead can facilitate with this case, however generally there simply is not the time.

One smart choice is to buy some, if not all, of your decorations at a greenback store or a reduction store like Walmart. These stores will extremely facilitate get a wedding decoration on a budget. you will conjointly realize nice deals or clearance things at hobby stores or material stores. Keep a watch on the ads and visit store clerks to ascertain regarding sales.


If you decide to plan wedding decorations on a budget, make sure to form an inventory of everything you would like therefore you do not ought to return later for a lot of. you may like flowers for the church and reception, things for the centerpieces, and table garments, simply to call a couple of.


By currently you ought to be convinced that buying wedding decorations on a budget will be done. simply use the guidelines higher than and you may be on your thanks to having a superbly embellished church and reception hall at a worth that matches simply among you wedding decorating budget.


Detox time! (Green Smoothie)

Detox smoothies are a really easy way to detox your body and it could be the snacking part of your diet, Drink green smoothie is a great method of detoxification and it’s also economical. The detoxification is almost vital to our body because sometimes we don’t eat clean However, with all the stresses on our bodies from pesticides, pollutants, feverish lifestyles and therefore the non-organic, refined food diet that a lot of people eat, our bodies struggle to stay up with detoxification. ward smoothies facilitate our bodies to induce a ‘kick start’, currently then.

Detox smoothies should be an essential part of the diet, doesn’t matter if you are on a plant-based diet, Vegan, Vegetarian or just in a regular diet. Specialist green smoothie could be the solutions for health issues. You can create them with a blender, processor or a smoothie maker Try and use organic ingredients Like fruit, Veggies and seed (Chia, Flaxseed, Sesame seed ETC). You ought to guarantee all fruits and vegetables square measure totally washed before use it. a good thing about creating smoothies with fresh veggies and fruit is that you just will get the freshest potential smoothies. If you create an excessive amount of or cannot use all of it right away, any left-over mixture will be frozen to retain a lot of the goodness.

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Green Smoothie Recipe:

1 green apple

1 lemon

A little piece of ginger

2 Branches of mint

3 Branches of parsley

1 teaspoon of chia seed

1 teaspoon of brown flaxseed

1 teaspoon of yellow  flaxseed

1/3 cup of water

All you need is a blender or a processor, pour all the ingredients in it and that’s it. Benefits: Detoxifier, energizer, High fiber, Natural diuretic, Essential fat provider, Blood builder (Folate provider), Provide Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and K. Potent Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, High in Omega 3, Constipation control, Weith loss helper, Immunity booster, Skincare, Liver cleaner, Pain relief, Low blood glucose levels (regulate blood sugar levels), Balance PH level and lower stress levels.

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What to do with Glass Bottles and jars!

Sometimes you don’t know what to do with the waste glass and just decide to throw them away. Recycle them is the right thing to do, glass containers are completely recyclable in fact they are very helpful because 1) You can reuse them to store food, water and also tiny supplies like marbles. If you are on a budget and decide to do some craft or dIY like a centerpiece , liquid soap dispenser or any dispenser. Recycled glass is a really good option.

Recycled Glass bottle and jars DIY

Recycled Glass bottle and jars DIY

If you are a cooker and love have spice or seed and they came in a plastic bag. Don’t you worry recycle jars and you can store them in it, is very handy. I do love to make my own pickles And pre-pack my food

Recycled Glass jars for store seed

Recycled Glass jars for store seed

For me, the funniest part of make craft is using recycled material.Recycled glass not just help to save money, but time,and most important I can have a healthy pre-pack  in meal in 5 minutes.


Acerola cherries Juice in a recycled jar


Delicious detox smoothie


Chia pudding, strawberries, and granola.



Dominican seasoning



Pasta time!

Spring Pasta

Spring Pasta is a really good option for a main dish or side dish, or just lunch or dinner, nothing more appropriate than  spring vegetables for a  good pasta recipeOrange bell pepper , bunching onion, carrot, onion, and  basil! 

Spring pasta, Vegetables, Pasta recipe

You do not have to be the greatest chef for make a really good and healthy pasta. Don’t you worry even if you are on a Diet,  if you are vegan or vegetarian, a spring pasta could be part of your menu  all you need to do is use wheat pasta which is rich in fiber, low carbohydrate and combine with veggies could be the perfect meal.

Healthy, Pasta, Diet, Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat pasta, Veggies, Meal.


 1 Cup and a half of boiled wheat pasta

1 Cup of grated carrot

2 Small potatoes chopped (I like with the skin, but that optional even the potatoes are optional. I’m using them raw, but you can boil it together with the pasta)

1 Big chopped onion 

1 Chopped Orange bell pepper

2 Teaspoon of oregano ( I do really love oregano, you can put one if you want)

1 Tablespoon of mashed garlic 

A pinch of salt to your taste

1 Cup of  Milk  ( I’m using Soy milk, but you can use what you prefer)

1 Teaspoon of olive oil (Optional, it could be another oil or just non-oil)

So, all you need to do is put  the oil on your pan  and pour the veggies  and let then cook for at least  10 minutes and then  put the oregano, the mashed garlic, the basil, and salt. Let it  cook for 25 minutes, if the potatoes that you are using are  raw and 15, if they are already cooked. Put your pasta and milk , 10 minutes more, And you’ve done.



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Beautiful Headbands DIY

Let’s do this together. You don’t have to be an artist for that. They’re very easy to make, and you can do it with recycled material like a piece of ribbon or lace. Your kid gonna look beautiful with it. let’s try together. They are very handy for special occasion and even if your daughter or niece has a nice dress or you just want to her looks nice.and you don’t know how to do her hair.




Look how beautiful looks that baby girl with this amazing headband. Get some ideas with me. Follow me on my youTube channel as Drglenne and I’ll show you how to do it.

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DIY wall art 3D Fruit and Cutlery

highYour walls area are empty and boring, and you want to fill them doing thing all by yourself? and you are thinking about a quality art is extremely costly and not everybody can buy it. You can take things into your hands and do  it yourself an awfully distinctive art simply. Choosing the Materials that you can have on your on house that would assist you produce an exquisite and spectacular wall art. I have you a really good news, you can make it on your own on budget, you can do it with me, I can show you how to make those beautiful and Unique 3D wall art.

Walls, House, Budget, Wall art

Do you want your house to look fancy, it’s doesn’t has to be expensive anymore, get ready with me. In this case I making wall art for my dinner room area, but can do whatever you want, you just need some creativity and inspiration, If you do it on your on you would feel more excited about the decoration of your home. I invite you to watch my YouTube video call “DIY wall art fruit 3D”  you can find me as DrGlennE. In this video I  the first two wall art show you how to make it step by step.

Art, Dinner room, DIY Wall Art Fruit 3D, DrGlennE


Cork Frame (The sizes that you prefer)

Plastic fruit (On to you)

Hot knife (To cut the plastic fruit)

Glue sticks

Glue gun











You can use whatever you decide to use in this case I am using some cutlery. Improve your Ideas, DIY is an easy way to decor you house, you just need some supplies and imagination.

DIY, Decor






Healthy Snack

Snacking is a very important part of our diet, the healthy way to eat is having at least 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, that way our metabolism is always on function and is an effective way to fit extra nutrients into your diet and prevent overeating at mealtimes. Many people avoid snacks because they are afraid that snacks contribute to weight gain. However, a healthy snack can offer health benefits. Snacks are included in a weight loss plan.

If you include snacks in your diet, you can be sure to get many of the vitamins and minerals you need. Snack between meals prevents the body from switching into starvation mode. Fruits and vegetables are good choices for healthy snacks. They are full of vitamins and low in calories and fat. The point of Snacking is prevented the body from starvation mode and also complete the balance diet; the snack has to contain Protein, Carbohydrate, fibers and fat low. So for snack you can include crackers, Fruit, nuts, smoothies and veggies. Whatever you decide. The important thing is maintain a balance diet for live a healthy life.

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Acerola Cherry Benefits

13095954_1065990356780681_5215570604509865359_nOrganic Acerola cherries, from the tree to my hands. Acerola cherry is a tropical fruit is delicious. Is rich Calcium, Magnesium iron, Folic acid, vitamins A, B3, B5,B9, and High in vitamin C, also contain Fibers and protein. Has a lot of healthy benefits Like:

  • Antioxidant

  • Help with memory function

  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels

  • Skin care

  • Help with Acne

  • Boost immune system

  • Boost metabolism

  • Reduce Intestinal Issue

  • Increase Collagen Production

  • Weight Loss

you can eat the actual fruit or you can make juice, jam and smoothies.


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Green Apple and Banana Smoothie

SAM_3391Our lives today are very stressful, we don’t have time to take care about what we eat or drink, Our lives are a such mess, if we talk about nourishment. Thank God there’re methods for take out of our body all the toxin that we ate.

Green Veggies and fruit are a great method to make that happen; they are just useful for detoxify our body, they have a lot of benefits too. Like:

1 Antioxidant

2 Detoxify

3 Vitamins (A, B6,B12, C, D, E)

4 Boost the immune system

5 Skin, nail and hair care

6 Blood pressure control

7 Energizer

8 Relaxer

9 Good digestion

10 Pain Relief

11 Diuretic (help with water retention)

12 Fat burner

Here’s a recipe of a Green Smoothie. Doesn’t need sugar, is very healthy and even though it’s seem like it taste bad is delicious. Check out my new YouTube video for more information I made a tutorial about it, so please check it. You should try it three time per week, and let me know if you are feeling better.


-Haft Cucumber
-Haft green apple
-1 banana
-Celery stalks
-1 Cup of water
-1 tea spoon of grated ginger