Green Apple and Banana Smoothie

SAM_3391Our lives today are very stressful, we don’t have time to take care about what we eat or drink, Our lives are a such mess, if we talk about nourishment. Thank God there’re methods for take out of our body all the toxin that we ate.

Green Veggies and fruit are a great method to make that happen; they are just useful for detoxify our body, they have a lot of benefits too. Like:

1 Antioxidant

2 Detoxify

3 Vitamins (A, B6,B12, C, D, E)

4 Boost the immune system

5 Skin, nail and hair care

6 Blood pressure control

7 Energizer

8 Relaxer

9 Good digestion

10 Pain Relief

11 Diuretic (help with water retention)

12 Fat burner

Here’s a recipe of a Green Smoothie. Doesn’t need sugar, is very healthy and even though it’s seem like it taste bad is delicious. Check out my new YouTube video for more information I made a tutorial about it, so please check it. You should try it three time per week, and let me know if you are feeling better.


-Haft Cucumber
-Haft green apple
-1 banana
-Celery stalks
-1 Cup of water
-1 tea spoon of grated ginger


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