DIY wall art 3D Fruit and Cutlery

highYour walls area are empty and boring, and you want to fill them doing thing all by yourself? and you are thinking about a quality art is extremely costly and not everybody can buy it. You can take things into your hands and do  it yourself an awfully distinctive art simply. Choosing the Materials that you can have on your on house that would assist you produce an exquisite and spectacular wall art. I have you a really good news, you can make it on your own on budget, you can do it with me, I can show you how to make those beautiful and Unique 3D wall art.

Walls, House, Budget, Wall art

Do you want your house to look fancy, it’s doesn’t has to be expensive anymore, get ready with me. In this case I making wall art for my dinner room area, but can do whatever you want, you just need some creativity and inspiration, If you do it on your on you would feel more excited about the decoration of your home. I invite you to watch my YouTube video call “DIY wall art fruit 3D”  you can find me as DrGlennE. In this video I  the first two wall art show you how to make it step by step.

Art, Dinner room, DIY Wall Art Fruit 3D, DrGlennE


Cork Frame (The sizes that you prefer)

Plastic fruit (On to you)

Hot knife (To cut the plastic fruit)

Glue sticks

Glue gun











You can use whatever you decide to use in this case I am using some cutlery. Improve your Ideas, DIY is an easy way to decor you house, you just need some supplies and imagination.

DIY, Decor






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