Pasta time!

Spring Pasta

Spring Pasta is a really good option for a main dish or side dish, or just lunch or dinner, nothing more appropriate than  spring vegetables for a  good pasta recipeOrange bell pepper , bunching onion, carrot, onion, and  basil! 

Spring pasta, Vegetables, Pasta recipe

You do not have to be the greatest chef for make a really good and healthy pasta. Don’t you worry even if you are on a Diet,  if you are vegan or vegetarian, a spring pasta could be part of your menu  all you need to do is use wheat pasta which is rich in fiber, low carbohydrate and combine with veggies could be the perfect meal.

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 1 Cup and a half of boiled wheat pasta

1 Cup of grated carrot

2 Small potatoes chopped (I like with the skin, but that optional even the potatoes are optional. I’m using them raw, but you can boil it together with the pasta)

1 Big chopped onion 

1 Chopped Orange bell pepper

2 Teaspoon of oregano ( I do really love oregano, you can put one if you want)

1 Tablespoon of mashed garlic 

A pinch of salt to your taste

1 Cup of  Milk  ( I’m using Soy milk, but you can use what you prefer)

1 Teaspoon of olive oil (Optional, it could be another oil or just non-oil)

So, all you need to do is put  the oil on your pan  and pour the veggies  and let then cook for at least  10 minutes and then  put the oregano, the mashed garlic, the basil, and salt. Let it  cook for 25 minutes, if the potatoes that you are using are  raw and 15, if they are already cooked. Put your pasta and milk , 10 minutes more, And you’ve done.



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