Story time, Something to learn about!

As an artists that we all  have inside, we tend to get pleasure from learning and exploring with only one purpose:  boost our imagination.

Sometimes we feel frustrated when we try to do some craft and our imagination doesn’t come out. For me, making jewelry for another person is almost impossible  because I found that I am my own inspiration for my  fashion creation.

I love to collect things, specialist buttons, medals or just a piece of lace, and I don’t now how it happens, but I can tell that my most precious jewelry came from the most insignificant thing that I keep. When I was a littler girl I used to see my mom as the most fashion women, a special thing that I remember about her is that she used to love being simple but elegant  or sometimes extravagant, and that made a  big mark in my because I always wanted to be as my mom.

I grew up in a very humble house with my mom and my sister, my mom as a single mom without too much to offer us. Most of those times we didn’t have money for anything fancy and my mom used to sew our clothes, that situation made my creations a “Crafty Personality”, Because fancy thing like jewelry and clothes were out of my reach and I remember I just only had eleven years old when I grabbed my Mom sew machine and I made my first tiny dress for my mom’s coffee maker.

My Mom got crazy at the first time but she understood that she had a little artist as a daughter. Since that time I knew That “Sometimes We don’t know our potential and God makes us go through the situation for taking out the best of us”.

Growing up was completely easy till I became a teenager, before that I never had to worry about my look. Then was a terrible part :”Mom I have nothing to wear” , and my Mom always answered: how can you say that? look out your closet, is full of clothes!!!! . That day with big scissors in my right hand, I sewed all day and I decided that nobody was going to be fancier than me, especially if I personalize my own style.

Since that day, I make my own jewelry and I always personalize my clothes. As a Doctor, I have to be always dressed up and ready for any occasion.

It was so fun to me learning from my own childhood situation that you could be fancy without spending a lot of money (On a Budget) and all what matters is how you feel in everything you try on . Everybody has potential, maybe in different areas, but we all have something. The big picture here is that you can learn something from every single occasion you’re part of.


Here’re some ideas  from my own invention: (Earings/ Necklaces)

1382081_612634632116258_995023929_n (1)







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