What to do with Glass Bottles and jars!

Sometimes you don’t know what to do with the waste glass and just decide to throw them away. Recycle them is the right thing to do, glass containers are completely recyclable in fact they are very helpful because 1) You can reuse them to store food, water and also tiny supplies like marbles. If you are on a budget and decide to do some craft or dIY like a centerpiece , liquid soap dispenser or any dispenser. Recycled glass is a really good option.

Recycled Glass bottle and jars DIY

Recycled Glass bottle and jars DIY

If you are a cooker and love have spice or seed and they came in a plastic bag. Don’t you worry recycle jars and you can store them in it, is very handy. I do love to make my own pickles And pre-pack my food

Recycled Glass jars for store seed

Recycled Glass jars for store seed

For me, the funniest part of make craft is using recycled material.Recycled glass not just help to save money, but time,and most important I can have a healthy pre-pack  in meal in 5 minutes.


Acerola cherries Juice in a recycled jar


Delicious detox smoothie


Chia pudding, strawberries, and granola.



Dominican seasoning



Towel for baby from recycled clothes

Make those amazing towels with clothes that you don’t want anymore. Recycle is very important even more if you are on a budget, if the fabric of the clothes is not damage you can do useful thing with then. Have a Baby it’s not a low cost thing, you can improve your ideas doing useful and beautiful thing from stuff that you don’t gonna use anymore.

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